Wholesale ordering is available! 


​All authorized retailers will receive wholesale prices, which are 50% of the set retail prices once the order minimum is met. Due to the nature of the materials I work with, prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

The suggested retail price (SRP) is equivalent to price before the whole sale discount is applied is the minimum price for which retailers are permitted to sell Mikari Designs products. Retailers may price the products in excess of the SRP, but are not permitted, under any circumstances, to sell Mikari Designs products for less than the SRP without prior written authorization from me.

In the event that the retailer chooses to place Mikari Designs products for sale at a discount, the retailer is not permitted to discount the pieces more than 20% below the SRP for 90 days..

You may discount the product at any amount or percentage after 90 days from purchase. 


Items in cart must exceed $350 before discounts are applied to be eligible for the 50% wholesale discount.

Example: If you have $380 of items in your cart after the wholesale discount code is applied you'll pay $190. 

There is an additional 37% Wholesale discount for items exceeding $210 but do not meet the $350 Wholesale minimum. 

Please note if you are ordering during a storewide sale you may just enter your wholesale discount code at checkout. 


You may not remove the Mikari Designs branding or labeling from items. You may not pass off Mikari Designs items as your own creations. I will include additional jewelry cards; you may request any additional if needed.


At this time, I am not extending credit terms. All orders must be accompanied by payment in full at the time of the order.


This will follow regular shipping policies and prices.


This will follow regular store policies

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