Mikari Designs Influencer Program

Mikari Designs is a handmade jewelry and decor business in Staten Island NY. 

Campaign Goals: Increase Sales, Engagements and Followers. 

Channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Your Blog

Deliverables: Social Media and Blog Mentions: Instagram Posts, Facebook Posts, Twitter Posts, TikTok Videos and Blog Posts. For Facebook and Instagram you may post to your story, but not only to your story, posts are required. 

Marketing Materials: You will be provided with a product of your choice or what is available in current campaigns.

Dos and Don’ts of Posts: 


  1. Include #mikaridesigns in every post.
  2. Create natural/authentic posts to your brand/aesthetic and mention/tag/link too Mikari Designs' social media and/or website.
  3. Provide your unique discount code.

Don’t compare us to other brands. 

Timeline: Posts should be published within 2 weeks of receipt of Marketing Materials. Please provide links to your posts when after published to your social media or blog. If you are unable to meet these deadlines please contact me and update me with an ETA. 

Content Frequency: You are required to post/promote an item once. However additional posts are greatly appreciated. 

Target Audience: Men and Women of all ages in the U.S. 50 contiguous states.

Results: The results would be measured by the number of times your unique discount code is used. 

Payment: To start at this time we can only offer product exchanges and a 5% commission when your unique discount code is used. We can also offer custom pieces for Brand Ambassadors/Long Term Influencers. 

Influencer Requirements

  • You are a Jewelry, Fashion, or Clothing Influencer, or these categories are included in your niche/topics (preferred). Beauty Influencers are okay too. 
  • You have 1000 or more followers/page likes on a channel, not combined channels.
  • You are over the age of 18 and based in the U.S. 50 contiguous states.
  • Your audience meets the Target Audience.
  • You have an engagement rate of over 1% (Instagram)
  • You have a good balance between editorial content and content placing brands or products on your social media channels.
  • You genuinely admire the products of Mikari Designs, you believe you’re a good fit and you consider yourself to be reliable, honest, and professional.

Please fill out the form below and if you are interested, you will be contacted if you are a good fit.